Having studied architecture at the University of Kansas and the University of Dortmund, Germany, Sebastian went on to a career in IT as a creative technologist. In the career services industry, his expertise was instrumental in helping tens of thousands of executives and professionals find new and more fulfilling employment.

Now focused on scientific and non-profit projects, Sebastian is editorial director of OpenSciences.org and caretaker of the Manifesto for Postmaterialist Science. He also provides for the technical and creative needs of noted individuals, producing websites, applications, graphics, books, podcasts and YouTube channels, as well as copywriting and editing services.

"I am so grateful for Sebastian and all he does for me so thoughtfully, intelligently, effectively, and modestly. He is as it were my interface with the wider world, or rather the architect and artist of this interface. I greatly appreciate the fact that he does this in such a frictionless way and recommend him without reservation."
Rupert Sheldrake

Who's Who in Postmaterialist Science

We gratefully acknowledge the following people for their contributions. Through their research, teaching, writing and speaking we have all benefited. We include important papers, articles, books and videos for many. Some are manifesto signatories; otherwise they are unassociated with this website.