Dick Bierman, PhD (University of Amsterdam, Utrecht University) suggests that in order to accomodate psi phenomena we might have to propose new types of realities, intermediate between the subjective but hardly deniable reality of consciousness and objective physical reality. After a PhD in experimental physics he became involved in research in Artificial Intelligence more specifically 'Intelligent' tutoring systems. This resulted in a focus on individual learning and later learning during altered states of consciousness, most notably, learning during sleep. He was visiting researcher at Interval, Paul Allen's thinktank in California, where he was involved in studying the role of the operator of Quantum Computers. He was also visiting researcher at StarLab in Brussels where he headed the Emotics group. Currently he is involved in research on intuitive decision making and research on the relation between consciousness and Quantum Physics. The latter research was triggered by his long-standing interest in highly controversial so-called paranormal phenomena. In his view these phenomena, if real, should be incorporated in physics in an attempt to unify physics and psychology. Also the importance of affective rather than cognitive processes in individual teaching lead him to interest in non-conscious emotions and their role in (intuitive) decision making. In that context his work on pre-sentiment, the apparent anomalous activation of bodily arousal preceding emotional events, found a natural context. He is currently engaged in experiments that might clarify the relation between quantum physics and consciousness.

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