Papers from specific organizations of note.

  • Alef Trust Faculty — regularly publishing peer-reviewed papers in established journals
  • Institute of Noetic Sciences — regularly publishing peer-reviewed papers in established journals
  • University of Virginia, Division of Perceptual Studies — near-death experience

Papers from specific scientists of note.

  • Daryl Bem — Psi phenomena, self-perception theory, personality theory
  • William Bengston — anomalous healing, spirituality and healing
  • Stanley Krippner — consciousness, altered states, shamanism, dream telepathy
  • David Luke — psychedelics, consciousness, anomalistic psychology
  • Pim van Lommel — near-death experience
  • Edwin May — anomalous cognition, precognition, remote viewing, decision augmentation theory
  • Alexander Moreira-Almeida — spiritualily, religiosity and health, consciousness, mediumistic writing
  • Adrian Parker — paranormal experiences, altered states of consciousness
  • Gerald Pollack — the fourth phase of water, water and cell biology
  • Dean Radin — Psi research by IONS chief scientist
  • Marilyn Schlitz — mind-body medicine, Parapsychology, worldview transformation
  • Stephan A Schwartz — nonlocal mind, remote viewing, meditation, applied kinesiology
  • Rupert Sheldrake — morphic resonance, animal powers, telepathy, the sense of being stared at, experimenter effects, plant and cell biology
  • Ian Stevenson — reincaration
  • Russell Targ — remote viewing, perception augmentation, ESP
  • Charles T Tart — consciousness, altered states, dreaming and hypnosis, ESP
  • William A Tiller — psychoenergetics, subtle energies, intentionality, consciousness
  • Jim Tucker — reincaration
  • Harald Walach — homeopathy, complementary medicine, spirituality and healing