There are many aspects of reality which remain unanswered or unanswerable by standard scientific materialism, which might yield to a post-materialist viewpoint. Some of these are explored in the articles below.

  • Are 'above unity' or 'free energy' devices possible?
  • Are psychic phenomena illusory?
  • Are the conventional explanations of nerve impulses and muscle contractions wrong?
  • Are galaxies shaped by electrical and magnetic forces?
  • Are memories stored as traces in brains?
  • Are the laws of nature fixed?
  • Can causation work from the future?
  • Can some people live for long periods without food?
  • Do we live in a universe or a multiverse?
  • Has theoretical physics lost its way?
  • How do animals and plants develop?
  • How do animals navigate?
  • How do complementary and alternative therapies work?
  • Is all inheritance material?
  • Is nature purposeless?
  • What is the nature of consciousness?