"I know childhood spirituality to be a powerful truth that is incontrovertible yet strangely absent from our mainstream culture."


Lisa Jane Miller, PhD, is professor and director of clinical psychology, as well as the director of the Spirituality & Mind Body Institute at Columbia University, New York. She is Editor of the Oxford University Press Handbook of Psychology & Spirituality and Editor-in-Chief of Spirituality in Clinical Practice (APA Journal). She is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association and has been awarded the Virginia Sexton Mentoring Award from APA. Dr Miller obtained her BA from Yale University and her PhD from the University of Pennsylvania where she studied under Dr Martin Seligman.

Her research and scholarly interests are in spirituality and mind-body pathways to wellness, basic science at multiple levels of analysis on spirituality development, and prevention and treatment interventions for children and adolescents in poverty, increased access to treatment among low SES populations, intergenerational transmission of risk and resilience factors, and development of spirituality in children and adolescents. Her lab over the past fifteen years has been funded by a William T. Grant Faculty Scholars Award, an NIMH K-Award and a number of corporate and family foundations.

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