For 25 years this journal, focused on unconventional physics and cosmology, offered articles on alternative theories to the Big Bang, the red-shift effect, relativity, gravity, electrodynamics and related subjects. All issues are freely available online.


Cosmology is an interdisciplinary journal devoted to the study of "cosmology" and is dedicated to those men and women of rare genius and curiosity who wish to understand more and more about more and more: The study of existence in its totality.


This quarterly magazine produced by the Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE) presents current research and insights into all manor of anomalistic phenomena and under-explored theories, including many in the area of physics and cosmology. Past issues are freely available online.

Journal of Nonlocality

The Journal of Nonlocality strives to address an experimental and conceptual impasse in understanding the nature of nonlocality and observer effects in quantum mechanics. In conjunction with ICRL's Mind-Matter Mapping Project, they hope to create a research venue where cutting-edge experimental tools in physics, biology and parapsychology can be combined to design more revealing protocols; to bypass the experimental difficulties identified by Wheeler and Bell; and to cast new light on the role that these effects play in genetic regulatory systems, placebo, anomalous perception and retrocausality.

Progress in Physics

Progress in Physics is an open-access journal, associated with the University of New Mexico, covering advanced studies in theoretical and experimental physics since 2005. All issues are freely available on their website.

Journal of Scientific Exploration (JSE)

The JSE is the quarterly, peer-reviewed journal of the The Society of Scientific Exploration (SSE). Since 1987, the JSE has published original research on consciousness, quantum and biophysics, unexplained aerial phenomena, alternative medicine, new energy, sociology, psychology, and much more.


Water is an open access journal on water science and technology, including the ecology and management of water resources, and is published monthly online by MDPI. Gerald Pollack was the founding Editor-in-Chief.