US The Science of Consciousness 2020

Tucson, Arizona

This interdisciplinary conference emphasizes broad and rigorous approaches to the study of conscious awareness, including neuroscience, philosophy, psychology, biology, quantum physics, meditation, altered states, machine consciousness and culture. Sponsored by the Center for Consciousness Studies at the University of Arizona, the annual conference is one of the world's preeminent gatherings for those involved in consciousness research.

UK Mystics and Scientists 2020

Horsley Park, Surrey

The annual conference of the Scientific and Medical Network is dedicated to forging a creative understanding of the complementary roles of scientific and mystical approaches to reality. This year's theme is on relating to the natural world, connecting with and learning from the lives and rhythms of bees, dogs, cats, horses, elephants, dolphins, trees and other plants. International experts in medical therapy, biology, philosophy, animal communication and spirituality will address the theme from various angles of expertise.


  • Rupert Sheldrake: biologist and author, Fellow of Clare College, Cambridge
  • Pea Horsley: the UK’s most highly regarded animal communicator
  • Heidi Herrmann: Advisory Editor of Natural Bee Husbandry Magazine
  • Judith Simon Prager: award-winning instructor in the UCLA Ext. Writers’ Program
  • Fred Hageneder: expert on the ethnobotany of trees
  • Shakti Caterina Maggi: contemporary mystic and spiritual leader
  • Anna Breytenbach: professional interspecies communicator
  • Paco Calvo: Professor of Philosophy of Science, and Principal Investigator of MINTLab

US The International Congress on Integrative Medicine and Health (ICIMH)

Cleveland, Ohio

Convened by the Academic Consortium for Integrative Medicine and Health, in association with the International Society for Complementary Research, the Congress focuses on advancements in integrative medicine through keynote and plenary sessions, oral and poster presentations, and innovative sessions. This year's Congress will have four content areas: research, policy, education and clinical care. There were 564 Oral and Poster Presentations in 2018, with participants from 26 countries. IONS Director of Research Helané Wahbeh, amongst many others, will be presenting.

US SSE & PA Combined Conference: 2020 Vision, Looking Forward

Postponed till June 9-12, 2021
Durham North Carolina, near Duke University

The Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE) and the Parapsychological Association are joining forces for this three day conference, hosted by the Rhine Research Center. Scholars at the vanguard of science will present the latest and most rigorous research on a wide variety of conventional and unconventional topics through panel discussions, poster presentations and individual talks.

The call for papers is open through March 15th. A range of topics is appropriate provided the work demonstrates a scientific approach and passes the program committee’s peer-review process. Student participation is encouraged, with some funding opportunities available.

US IANDS Conference: 20/20 Vision

September 3-6
Salt Lake City, Utah

The International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) conference is focused on recent research into near death and spiritually transformative experiences, the disclosure and description of phenomena associated with NDEs, and insights that may help those in the healing professions.

The call for papers is open through February 2nd. They're accepting proposals for lectures, panel sessions, workshops, poster presentations and art displays related to the conference theme.