IANDS 2020 Online Conference

August 14-16
Salt Lake City, Utah

60 speakers and panelists, 19 Health Care Providers and Researchers, 12 Counselors & Ministers, 33 Near-Death Experiencers

The International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) conference is focused on recent research into near death and spiritually transformative experiences, the disclosure and description of phenomena associated with NDEs, and insights that may help those in the healing professions.

Webinar: Craig Weiler with Rupert Sheldrake – Psi Wars

August 20th
Thursday, 7:30-9:30 PM, British Time
11:30 AM Pacific Time
2:30 PM Eastern Time

In this eye-opening webinar chaired by Dr Rupert Sheldrake, Craig Weiler will examine the widespread phenomenon of dogmatic scepticism in relation to psi research, where the phenomena are often dismissed as impossible in principle in spite of extensive evidence to the contrary. However, as Larry LeShan wrily observed, there are no impossible facts. Nevertheless, such scepticism – also targeting Network scientists such as Rupert and Nobel Laureate Prof Brian Josephson – remains widespread among the scientific and academic communities and raises important sociological, psychological and philosophical issues, acting as a brake on the necessary paradigm shift to open up a new science of consciousness. Craig will discuss and illustrate these concerns with significant examples.