By Gerald Pollack

Book cover for The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid, Vapor

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Winner, 2014 International Summit Excellence Award, Society of Technical Communication

An astonishing reinterpretation of many familiar phenomena, and an excellent summary of recent research on the properties of liquid-crystalline water. Pollack includes many stimulating "out-on-a-limb" speculations.

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"In The Fourth Phase of Water, Gerald Pollack offers an elegant new theory of water chemistry that has profound implications not only for chemistry and biology, but for the metaphoric foundation of our understanding of reality and our treatment of nature."
- Charles Eisenstein, Read Full Review: The Waters of Heterodoxy

"The most informative, eye-opening, mind-blowing book that I ever recall reading."
- Henry Bauer, Dean Emeritus, Arts and Sciences, Virginia Tech

"The most significant scientific discovery of this century. What strikes me above all is the elegant simplicity of [Pollacks] experimental approach."
- Mae‐Wan Ho, Director, Institute of Science and Society, London.

"Dr. Pollack is one of the pioneers in this field, and his discoveries can be expected to have important implications."
- Brian Josephson, Nobel Laureate, Cambridge University.