By Dr Halton Arp

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The assumption that cosmological redshift corresponds to the recessional velocity of distant stellar objects lays at the foundation of big bang cosmology, the expansion of the universe, dark energy, dark matter and other widely accepted theories. If this assumption were proven false, it could transform astronomy dramatically and shift our collective conception of the universe. In Seeing Red, Dr Halton Arp aims to do just that, sharing observations from his many years as a distinguished astronomer and showing that extragalactic redshifts are not caused by an expanding universe. As might be expected, Dr Arp met with stringent opposition after proposing such "sacrilege", which threatened dearly held beliefs. What he suffered at the hands of his fellow astronomers as a result, which has fostered many comparisons to Galileo, is a topic Dr Arp also discusses. Are academic scientists simply fulfilling their skeptical duty, or are they, in a very human way, Seeing Red?


"This book lays down a lifetime of seeing the world differently, looking at alternative explanations for a complex, beautiful universe."
- Sky & Telescope, June 1999

"You will very likely come away doubting what you thought you knew of the large-scale structure of the universe."
- Tom Van Flandern

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