By John H Spencer PhD

Book cover for The Eternal Law: Ancient Greek Philosophy, Modern Physics, and Ultimate Reality

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2013 Independent Publisher Book Awards Gold Medal Winner in Classical Studies / Philosophy

The Eternal Law takes the reader on a fascinating journey through some of the most profound questions related to our understanding of modern science. What does it mean to say that there is an eternal mathematical law underpinning all of physical reality? How must we expand our narrow conception of science to include not only logic but also intuition, consciousness, and the pursuit of beauty, symmetry, simplicity, and unity? Is truth objective, or is it nothing more than a whimsical projection of opinions? Why were many of the key founders of modern science inevitably drawn to ancient Greek philosophy? The extraordinary clarity of The Eternal Law helps to restore a sane vision of reality, while deepening our appreciation of what Einstein called 'the mysterious'.


"I found John Spencer's The Eternal Law to be enormously refreshing; for here we have someone willing to speak out forcefully in favour of Platonic ideals lying at the roots of modern science."
- Sir Roger Penrose (OM FRS), Emeritus Professor of Mathematics, University of Oxford

"This book gives a spirited defence of the continuing importance of Platonic philosophy. The author shows how Pythagorean and Platonic ideas influenced the thinking of the creators of modern science, from Kepler in the seventeenth century to the founders of quantum mechanics in the twentieth."
- Dr. Stephen M. Barr, Professor of Particle Physics, University of Delaware

"An important contribution to the philosophical and scientific exploration of the concept of reality."
- Mario Beauregard, PhD, Neuroscientist, Department of Psychology at the University of Arizona