By Larry Dossey, MD

Book cover for Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home
Book cover for Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home

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Dossey shows how Western cultures have become obsessed with the importance of individuality and self, to the neglect of the unity, connectedness, and interdependence of all of life. The result has been a pandemic of selfish and greed. Using a variety of examples of human and animal experience -- creativity, group behaviors, dreams, near-death experiences, shared physical and emotional phenomena, and more -- Dossey paints a picture of consciousness as nonlocal -- consciousness unconfined to specific points in space and time, therefore unitary, eternal, and one.


"Larry Dossey is a pioneer who keeps finding new frontiers. With One Mind, his merging of science and wisdom has come full circle, as Dossey makes the case for ancient spiritual teachings about the one and the many. I'm happy to embrace Larry as a kindred spirit."
- Deepak Chopra, author of Spiritual Solutions

"Dr. Larry Dossey's excellent book One Mind lays the groundwork for the coming global awakening of consciousness and helps map out the path toward it. Dr. Dossey makes an eloquent case that such consciousness is, indeed, One Consciousness. His is the science of 2012 and beyond"
- Eben Alexander, M.D., author of Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife

"Larry Dossey is not arguing simply for the existence of psychic phenomena, for which there is now much evidence, but for a deeper linkage we all share to One Mind which underlies our seemingly separate individual minds. This book combines a thought-provoking thesis with remarkable and vivid accounts of personal experiences. Only Larry Dossey could carry this off."
- Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D., author of Science Set Free: 10 Paths to New Discovery