Beyond the Brain 2021

Further Reaches of Consciousness Research

For a deeper understanding of how consciousness research is expanding science, come to the 16th Beyond the Brain conference. The speakers—including author Graham Hancock, biologist Rupert Sheldrake and neuroscientist Diane Hennacy Powell—are at the cutting edge in their fields and will discuss their various research strategies. The evening film will be The Four Lives of Federico Faggin, a thirty minute documentary about the noted Italian physicist, designer of the first microprocessors, and inventor of devices such as the touchscreen.

Tickets and Information

Presenters and Chairs

Prof Etzel CardeƱa
Dr Natalie Dyer
Dr Peter Fenwick
Prof Bruce Greyson
Graham Hancock
Dr Diane Hennacy Powell
David Lorimer
Dr David Luke


Bruce Parry
Dr Athena Potari
Dr Oliver Robinson
Prof Marilyn Schlitz
Dr Rupert Sheldrake
Prof Jessica Utts
Prof Caroline Watt