The Biofield Research Fellowship Program

For researchers interested in exploring the science of subtle energy and biofield healing, the Biofield Research Fellowship Program is now seeking applications for a new grant/fellowship opportunity, which will provide six annual grants of up to $20,000 USD each, plus mentorship and community for emerging researchers across multiple disciplines.

Backed by a collaborative group of philanthropists and foundations called the Subtle Energy Collective (below), the Biofield Research Fellowship Program is funding rigorous examinations of biofield science with the goal of seeding a new generation of biofield researchers to advance the field and bolster its research base. In addition to grant funds, the Fellowship Program will provide Fellows with a collaborative community of emerging and established researchers and will pair each Fellow with a respected research mentor who has expertise relevant to their research. The findings derived from Fellows’ investigations will provide greater insight into biofield therapies and their applications for reducing suffering and promoting health and wellbeing.

To be eligible for the Fellowship Program, applicants must be graduate students (e.g., Masters, PhD), post-doctoral fellows, or junior faculty not past their fifth year of university appointment. Applicants should propose research topics that are aligned with the Fellowship Program’s research priorities across clinical, qualitative, fundamental science and mechanism research. Applications are due by February 21, 2021.

Fellows will be part of a wider community providing academic and social support and will have the opportunity to participate in forums, join small gatherings with respected thought leaders, and take part in a special in-person annual Research Conference for the Fellowship community and other invitees.

About the Subtle Energy Collective

The Biofield Research Fellowship Program is an initiative of the Subtle Energy Collective, a collaborative group of philanthropists and foundations working to scientifically validate and better understand subtle energy and biofield healing, and catalyze evidence-based biofield therapies into mainstream healthcare, personal wellness and culture. The Collective is funding a systems-change effort, following the successful roadmap used by both mindfulness and psychedelic therapy, with the objective of reducing human suffering and increasing flourishing.

Program details, selection criteria, how to apply