"We are living in a time of crisis, largely as a result of the materialist worldview which underpins our culture, which sees living beings as chemical machines, and the mind as nothing more than a product of the brain. This worldview has created a background atmosphere of nihilism, a sense that life is purposeless and meaningless, and also fuels our reckless abuse of the environment.

As the report of the Galileo Commission clearly shows, a great deal of contemporary scientific research shows that the assumptions of this worldview are false, and points towards a more holistic and spiritual perspective. As a culture, we urgently need to embrace this new perspective in full, so that we can begin to live more harmoniously with each other and the natural world. The report of the Galileo Commission is an important part of the movement towards this goal."

- Steve Taylor, PhD, senior lecturer, Leeds Beckett University

The Galileo Commission seeks to expand the scope of scientific discover beyond the constraints imposed by a purely mechanistic worldview. A project of the Scientific and Medical Network, led by David Lorimer and Harald Walach, their 132 page report is a fitting companion to this website and our own Manifesto for a Post-Materialist Science. They also offer a 52 page summary, for a quicker read.

If you agree with our shared mission, please consider becoming a professional affiliate, or a friend of the commission. Without the concerted effort of many, bold advocates, entire frontiers of knowledge will remain in humanity's collective shadow, withering on the fringes of acceptability. By openly discussing these deeply impactful philosophical matters, lifting the evidence already at hand into public awareness, and supporting researchers brave enough to forge new trails, the cracks in the concrete will widen, leaving space for exciting possibilities to blossom.

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